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Hello 2020 - Lets Talk About What's New!

I am sure you've all noticed that 'Holly Nelstrop Catering' is no longer and over the past few weeks I have swopped to 'Holly's Garden Kitchen'. This decision was made as I wanted a title to umbrella all parts of my business, new and old, which would bring everything together. Hopefully you like the new name and also the logo which was designed by a friend Shauna Luckett. I would love some feedback so please use the comments below to leave your thoughts.

2020 is definitely going to be a busy and very exciting year. January for me has been about taking time to sort my branding, new web-site and mainly to plan for the coming months. If you haven't heard already, I've bought an old French Peugeot van which is being converted into a street food truck! It's a very exciting addition to my business and I can't wait to take it round to different events and shows. If you're planning a party over the next year and want to make it extra special by having catering - why not let me come and serve it out of the van. It'll certainly impress your guests and we can work together to design the perfect menu.

Later in the year an exciting new venue will be opening in our local area. Luxury eco pods will be surrounded by woodland on a family run farm and used for yoga retreats, weddings and other events. I am over the moon to have been asked to supply the catering for these retreats and hope to be a part of something really special. They are going to have a open day / wellness and yoga festival to show off the fabulous space which I'll share more details of soon.

My private catering services are already underway this year with my first event last Monday serving lunch on a marketing course. I loved cooking at dinner parties last year and always enjoy creating delicious buffet spreads of my salads which I serve in my large colourful bowls. Creating food that looks as good as it tastes is really important to me as I want to get people excited for what they are about to eat.

Making celebration cakes designed to make the recipients eyes light up is always fun and I loved that 2019 had me baking more. Everyone's favourite seemed to be a chocolate drip cake piled high with their most loved chocolate bars and sweets. Maybe not my most nutritious food but certainly still delicious.

The start and core of my business has always been my healthy take away. This involves me emailing around a new delicious vegetarian menu each week that people can order from and either collect or I deliver it. I have a great following of this with a lot of people being weekly customers who I am forever grateful to. The first menu will be out for the beginning of February and hopefully I'll continue to create exciting new recipes for you.

I now have a Trust Pilot Review Page which you can go on and review my food and services. Thank you so much in advance if you do go over and leave a comment or feedback!

So Happy New Year to you all (it's probably a bit late to be saying that) and I hope you enjoy undertaking this exciting journey with me.

Holly x

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