We hear the word 'sustainability' a lot these days, so I wanted to share what it means to me and my business. 

Food Waste

I have a zero tolerance food waste policy. If excess food hasn't been eaten or frozen it goes to the chickens, sheep or compost bin. With a third of all food in the world being wasted this is extremely important to me and I hope this is a value I share with my customers.   


All the packing I provide can be recycled and some of it re-used (empty granola pots can then be used to freeze soup in). By the end of 2020 I hope that all my packaging will also be compostable. 

Sourcing Produce

I try to design my menus around the seasons and use local ingredients wherever possible. Saying that I obviously want my dishes to look and taste delicious so you will see the occasional pomegranate seed or watermelon. If we have an excess of anything in our kitchen garden that definitely gets used. You can't get much fresher than that!    

Plant Based

Even though I am not vegetarian, I choose to eat this way (or probably vegan) 90% of the time. This is a personal preference as I love the great variety and flavour of cooking with veg. My take away is all vegetarian or vegan with a new exciting menu each week. I do believe it's the most sustainable and healthy way to eat and want to encourage and inspire others to introduce more veg into their diets.